dancing with the devil on your back\\

i’m ready to shake the devil off my back. i’ve felt – for so long – that the past is something i can’t leave behind, that i have to apologize for it, or run from it. i carried it around with me, on oppressed shoulders, bearing a weight that wasn’t mine. it’s hard to live a life of intention, of happiness, of freedom that way. my past is mine, and i will own it – but i will not let it control me – not anymore. you can’t dance that way and i want to dance.

i am no one’s, but my own.

my worth is not contingent upon another’s opinion of me.

i am taking the end, and seeing it as a beginning.

my words, and thoughts will be positive or productive.

i am prioritizing peace, freedom and living with intention.

my body will not be found in places, spaces, relationships that i don’t belong in.

and i’m doing it all for me.


[in order to love who you are, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you]
[if you don’t belong, don’t be long]
[i took it off. i did not want to carry it anymore]

(photos are not mine – sources can be found onย my pinterest board.)