(catchme) [ifyoucan]

(i know i don’t have a lot of followers, but i plan to write as if at least one person is actually following along)

it’s been several years since my last post.  i feel like i should update everyone on my current situation before i start diving into some other posts that i’ve got in mind…

it’s been an adventure; still is. there’s no doubt about that.

let me start from the beginning –

  • MAY 2015: i graduated with my master’s degree in mid-may 2013. i had been applying for my dream job for months, all over the US. i hadn’t heard back from anyone, so i panicked and applied for a job, in springfield, that i was way overqualified for.  a week or so before graduation, i was hired and about two weeks after that, i got “THE” call – an offer to do exactly what i wanted to do, only three hours away from everything i’d known for 6 years.
    it didn’t take me long to say yes to that opportunity – i put in my two weeks and started planning for my new life in lawrence, kansas. [rock chalk, jayhawks, right?] they wanted me to start in JUNE. which meant i had less than two weeks to move out, move in, and start a brand new job.
  • JUNE 2015: i had to move out of my apartment in springfield way before my lease was up, and start looking for a new place in a college town… in the middle of JUNE (if you weren’t looking in march, finding a place in the summer can be next to impossible). my mom was calling apartments all over lawrence while i was at work for those last two weeks.
    thank the lord my apartment in springfield was willing to let me out of my lease for free – i sold anything that wasn’t going to fit in the u-haul, packed up everything else in boxes. i was ready to move – we found an apartment in lawrence, but i had to live in a hotel for a week before i could move in. that weekend, i went back to springfield, my parents came up from arkansas to help. we packed everything into the u-haul and headed northwest.
    the time had come. it was happening – my dreams were coming true.

the only part that wasn’t a dream come true?
i was moving away from not just my family and friends, but my boyfriend of about 1.5 years (at the time – it’s closer to four years now). we were about to start what has been one of the most challenging, stressful, rewarding things ever: a long-distance relationship… while he was starting physical therapy school and i was starting the next phase of the adult life. we decided that it was worth it and that we could do it. there was an end in sight (which is a good thing): his PT program is three years long. at the end of it all, that was when the big decisions would need to be made – we considered all of that, and still decided that this is worth it; that we were worth it.

so here i am, two years later, sitting in my apartment, in lawrence… while he is studying in springfield. like i said, a lot of things have changed – my future posts will be much less boring, i hope – but now we’re all on the same page at least.




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